09 February 2020

Dr Li Wengliang's wife' posting on social media regarding her husband's death

09 February 2020
This was posted on Chinese social media by Fu Xuejie, the wife of the late Dr Li Wenliang, one of the doctors who first sounded alarm about the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan and was soon reprimanded by the police for "spreading rumours", and have died from nCov-2019 on 7 February 2020. First the original Chinese, then my English translation.



7 February 2020:
My name is Fu Xuejie, from the prefecture of Xiangyang, wife of Dr Li Wenliang. I hereby state that we are not seeking any donation or assistance. Any news or postings on social media suggesting that we are seeking assistance are fake news.
Furthermore, I hereby post my late husband's completed essay before his death,
"I now leave"
Before I return to the dust, I quietly reminisce about my old home town. I think back to my youth, when winds would dance, and clouds were perfectly white.
Living is good, but I am about to die. I will no longer be able to caress the cheeks of my wife, no longer be able to take my child to see spring dawn at Donghu, no longer be able to accompany my parents to see the cherry blossoms at Wuda, no longer be able to fly kites in the sky.
I wistfully dreamt about my not yet born child. He (She) would be crying, seeking me from amongst the crowd. I am sorry my child. I know you wanted an ordinary father. Alas, I can only be a hero of the people.
Sun is about to shine. I am about to go, carrying nothing but my identification card. This will be my only belonging going to the grave.
My gratitude to all those who have pitied, sympathised and supported me. I know you have all waited till dawn hoping that I would be over the worst. Unfortunately, I am simply too tired, too exhausted.
Throughout my life, I have not wanted to sound sombre and trifling. My heart's only wish is that once the snow melts, we would continue to love our world, believe in our motherland.
When the spring comes, if people want to remember me, please just make a small epitaph. Nothing grand. Just to show that I once came and lived in this world. I had a name. I had lived my life without fear.
I only want one line on my epitaph. "I have spoken for the common people."


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